Drinks and Brews

Episode 39

Divine Flavor


Episode 38



Episode 37

Astral Communion

First add 1-½ ounces of blackberry brandy to a small glass.

Then add the ice.

Fill slowly with 2 ounces of club soda.

Then slowly pour 2 ounces of island punch pucker on top.



Episode 36

The Grand Tourna-Mint Julep


Episode 35

The Hemet Nesingwary


Episode 34

The Daily Quest


Episode 33

The Cupcake Drink


Episode 32



Episode 31

Generally Drunkkisath


Episode 30

Ragnaros Ritual


Episode 29

Well Well Well of eternity


Episode 28

miners coffee


Episode 27



Episode 26

silver rum


Episode 25

blue elune


Episode 24



Episode 23

Hunter's companion


Episode 22

Unstable Potion


Episode 21

Ejector Seat


Episode 20

The Scarlet Tranquilizer


Episode 19

Egg Nog!



Episode 18

Mech Fuel


Episode 17

Hammer N Axe


Episode 16



Episode 15

Enjoy your favorite brew with your favorite podcast!


Episode 14

Gift of the Naaru


Episode 13

The Gnome The Goblin fixed


Episode 12

Tauren Tea


Episode 11

heady horse


Episode 10



Episode 9



Episode 8

Dead drop correction


Episode 7

The Leper Gnone


Episode 6


Episode 5

The Witchdoctor

Episode 4

Mannaroth Brew

Episode 3

The Blue Recluse

Episode 2

Booty Bay Pina Colada

Episode 1

White Panderen

Episode 0

Worgen Pelt